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  • Air Purifier Nano-Bio NBA150- Breathe clean air at home

Air Purifier Nano-Bio NBA150- Breathe clean air at home


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Nano-Bio NBA150 Air Purifier- Breathe clean air at home. This personal air purifier is perfect for a study, loungeroom or bedroom. Made by Nano-Bio, which is a recognised world leader in air purification technology, it has the capacity to clean and deodorize the air in an area of 15-25 square metres. Featuring activated charcoal to remove over 3000 toxic gases and odours such as tobacco smoke and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and a 3M filter media using environmentally friendly components to remove mould spores, dust mites, pollen, airborne bacteria and pet allergens. Nano-Bio Air Purifiers are backed by a 3 year warranty on all parts and labour. Another important feature of the Nano-Bio Air Purifier is its whisper quiet operation.


Nano-Bio NBA150 Air Purifier

Breathe clean air at home

  • 3 Stages of Multi Media Filtration
  • High CADR
  • Energy Efficient
  • World 1st Patented Technology
  • Environmentally Friendly

Zalmandn… enjoy the clean air experience …

Combining 2 of the most effective filtration media available, the Nano-Bio range of air purifiers bring you a new benchmark in air quality. Beautifully designed, the Nano-Bio range of air purifiers are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and best of all quiet and easy to operate.

Removes toxic gases, particles and odours such as tobacco smoke, VOC’s, mould spores, dust mites, pollen, airborne bacteria and pet allergens.

Zalmandn 700 air purifier diagram

*Optional sterilization filter available – clinically tested to effectively reduce staphylococcal and pneumonia bacteria by 99%.

Advanced Filtration

The Nano-Bio 150 has an advanced 3 stage filtration system, ensuring the highest quality clean air at the touch of a button…


  • 3 stages of filtration
  • World 1st inbuilt sensor for filter replacement
  • Auto sensory or manual operation
  • Remote control

Zalmandn – High CADR Guaranteed!

The Nano-Bio range of air purifiers feature a high capacity polypropylene filter for long life and a greater reduction in dust particles, plus a patented charcoal impregnated deodorization filter for 35% more benzene absorption ensuring an excellent ‘clean air delivery rate’ (CADR).

World 1st Patented Technology

The Nano-Bio 150 incorporates a pressure sensor to notify when filters are due for replacement.

Removes toxic gases, particles and odours such as tobacco smoke, VOC’s, mould spores, dust mites, pollen, airborne bacteria and pet allergens.

3 year warranty

Whisper quiet…   the only sound you will hear is moving air


Cartridge replacement couldn’t be easier! No tools required. Simply remove the cover and lift the tab attached to each filter.

Zalmandn 700 Air Purifier - Replacing Filters- Step 1 Zalmandn 700 Air Purifier - Replace Filters- Step 2


Step 1 - Cover removes easily, no tools required! Step 2 - Simply pull the tabs to replace the cartridges


Pre filter

Pre filterZalmandn 150 Air Purifier

  • Elimination of large particles
  • Washable and re-usable

Electrostatic Collection Filter

  • 3M technology - high performance polypropylene filter
  • Filtration - 0.3 of a micron >95%
  • High air flow capacity – minimized pressure loss

Multifunctional Deodorisation Filter

  • Patented technology - activated carbon filter
  • 100% RoHS compliant environmentally friendly
  • Impregnated granular activated crushed carbon fibres, > 35% benzene absorption
  • Powder activated carbon in polyurethane forms >80 mesh: 0.018㎜.
  • Strong pollutant-holding performance with highly effective deodorisation ability
  • Washable and re-usable

Optional Sterilisation Filter

  • Microbial bio- metal elimination & antifungal
  • Elimination of bacteria
  • Washable and re-usable filter
  • Porous metal - easy air circulation
Electostatic Collection filter Multi Function Deoderisation filter

TreeEnergy efficient and environmentally friendly

The Nano-Bio 150 is Energy Star approved to be 35% more energy-efficient than standard models and is made from environmentally friendly components.


Coverage Area

17 msq


Target CADR 116 (Tobacco Smoke)

Dimensions mm

443w × 270d × 422h

Noise Level

Under 45dB (Max)

Filtration Capacity

0.3 of a micron

Net Weight



65 Watts


3 Years


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Size N/A
Domestic Warranty 3 Year
Product Dimensions 443w x 270d x 422h
Wattage 65 Watts