BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro

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✓ Superior powerful 400watt induction motor
✓ 40 litres of cold pressed juice, per hour (apples)
✓ Dual, wide feed chute (8cm x 8cm) to juice whole fruits and vegetables
✓ Extremely quiet operation with slow 40 RPM
✓ Continuous juicing for up to 60 minutes
✓ Robust, easy cleaning BPA-Free juicing parts
✓ Includes 3 strainers: Fine, Coarse and NEW Sorbet
✓ Warranty: Lifetime on Motor & 5 years on Parts (Domestic), 1 year Commercial
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BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro

Features new 400w motor

  • BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro
  • Introducing the new BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro, the latest cold press juicer from BioChef that is unrivalled in power, quality and performance. Powered by a genuine commercial grade 400watt induction motor, this model has evolved from the widely popular BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer (250W motor). With stronger, more durable components this machine can withstand the most demanding of environments - setting it at a different level to your average household slow juicer.


Industry-leading 400w induction Motor

Impressive 40 litres of juice per hour, 60 minutes continuous juicing

  • BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro
  • The advancement to a 400watt motor means that soft and hard fruits and vegetables can be juiced with ease and consistency. The stronger motor achieves continuous juicing for up to 60 minutes compared to the standard 30 minutes of continuous operation with other domestic models.
    What’s more, this model has been tested with apples to produce an impressive 40 litres of juice per hour! The advantage of a significantly longer usage and higher juicing capacity is essential for a busy juice bar, cafe or restaurant.

  • With more juice available from the same amount of produce you can be saving yourself money in the long term.
    Despite the added strength of the motor, this juicer remains extremely quiet during operation – maintaining a pleasant atmosphere both at home or in a commercial establishment.


Dual Self-Feeding Chute

Convenience without compromising on performance

  • BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro
  • The BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro is designed with the customer in mind, delivering nutrient-dense juice faster than ever before, while remaining at an impressive 40RPM – protecting the living juice during operation.
    The specifically-designed wide feed chute revolutionises the slow juicing process, allowing you to juice whole fruits and vegetables with minimal preparation. The unique self-feeding system gently guides produce directly towards the auger at the optimum angle and speed.

  • There is no need to apply pressure as the chamber features a dual-stage process that allows smaller and larger fruits and vegetables to gravitate towards the juicing mechanism. Flexibility and convenience are combined as the BioChef Pro juicer effortlessly pre-rinses before the parts are even dismantled. Cleaning time is shortened by simply rinsing the parts by pouring water into the chamber, running the machine and using the reverse button to wash off any excess pulp. The automatic rotation of the silicone spinning brush and auger inside the chamber will do the hard work for you. One rinsed, you can use the included BioChef cleaning brush to finish.


Enzyme Protection Technology (EPT)

Innovative technology developed by us, especially for you

  • BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro
  • Not only does the advanced motor of the BioChef Pro bring you more juice in a shorter amount of time, but it maximises the juice yield and preserves a high level of nutrients to deliver a juice that remains fresh for up to 48 hours. The improvement of the motor, alongside the three-stage system of crushing, squeezing and straining, means the yield of tougher produce like beetroot, carrots and apples is also improved.

  • Unlike traditional centrifugal juicers, the cold press system of this premium BioChef juicer model minimises the raw food’s exposure to heat or friction. When our food is exposed to heat, the oxidation process begins which is the reason why produce goes “off” in smell or taste - much like when you slice and Apple and it starts to turn brown.
    BioChef’s very own Enzyme Protection Technology (EPT) has changed the way we look at juicing. By slowly squeezing the raw, nutritional value from produce the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables are maintained and even strengthened giving you a fresh juice that tastes and feels healthy!


Includes Fine, Coarse & Sorbet Strainer

Quality, Tritan BPA-Free juicing parts

  • BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro
  • The BioChef Pro offers complete versatility with three Tritan, BPA-Free juicing strainers to choose from. The fine and coarse strainers allow you to create a juice consistency and pulp level that is right for you. Now included is the NEW sorbet strainer which gives you the option to make fruit sorbets and nut butters the whole the family with enjoy. Also included is a cleaning brush, Tritan auger, a collection of containers and a BioChef recipe book.


Complete Multi-functional Kitchen Tool

Try new and exciting recipes & flavour combinations

  • BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro
  • The BioChef Atlas Whole Slow Juicer Pro had been designed to offer complete versatility and durability.
    The living juice from the BioChef Pro remains fresh for up to 48 hours and is nutritionally rich in vitamins and minerals. You can now create delicious milk alternatives, smooth nut butters and fresh sorbets without any of the added preservatives that can be found in the store-bought kind. This extra feature is ideal to suit the dietary restrictions of those who are dairy or gluten free as well as raw food and health enthusiasts – offering you more mother nature, for a healthier you.


Additional Information

Silver: JU-BC-WA-4W-UK-SV
Black: JU-BC-WA-4W-UK-BL
White: JU-BC-WA-4W-UK-WH
Brands BioChef
Model Number BCWA400
UPC Silver: 9341061011026
Red: 9341061011064
Black: 9341061011101
White: 9341061011149
Extraction Type Single Gear/Cold Press
Motor Single-Phase Induction
Frequency 50 - 60Hz
Colors Available Silver / Red / Black / White
Included Accessories Fine Strainer, Coarse Strainer, Sorbet Strainer, Cleaning Brush, Manual and Recipe Book
Warranty LIFETIME on Motor / 5 Years on Parts, 1 Year Commercial
Product Weight 7.1 kg
Shipping Weight 9 kg
Product Dimensions L 16cm x H 45cm x D 21cm
Shipping Dimensions L 59cm x H 35cm x D 21cm
Wattage 400w
Voltage 220v
Certified ROHS/CE/SAA
Materials BPA FREE Tritan
Extra Features 8cm x 8cm diameter feeding chute
Compatible Foods Soft & Hard Fruits & Vegetables