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BioChef Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle


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✓ Very durable, made from 100% bamboo
✓ Won’t warp or crack
✓ Bamboo doesn't absorb many materials, protecting it against common bacteria


Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle

  • Bamboo is very durable and is harder than most common wood type boards. Aesthetically it will keep its appearance longer as knife marks won’t show.
    Bamboo is a quickly renewable resource as this plant grows to full size in around 3 - 6 years.
    Bamboo does not retain water easily, so water based ingredients or submerging in water during cleaning will not seep in and won’t cause warping or cracking.
    The surface of bamboo doesn't absorb many materials, protecting it against common bacteria, such as E. Coli or Salmonella, is easier. These bacteria can be found in many raw meat products. It is still preferable to have separate boards for meat AND fresh food preparation.

Additional Information

Model Number BCBHDL
UPC 9341061009146
Type N/A
Product Weight 88g
Shipping Weight 92g
Product Dimensions L 32cm x H 23cm x D 2cm
Shipping Dimensions L 38cm x H 29cm x D 3cm
Materials 100% Bamboo
Parts Materials N/A
Functions N/A
Programs N/A
Dishwasher Safe N/A
Amplitude N/A
G Force N/A
Decibel N/A
Cable Length N/A