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BioChef NutriBoost Bullet Blender


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✓ High powered 900w Base making light work of ingredients
✓ Breaks down Nuts, seeds, wheatgrass and whole fruits
✓ Comes with 4 different sized BPA Free Jugs
✓ Toughened extractor blades included for a longer product life
✓ Make Nutrient-Rich Smoothies, Sauces and Whole Fruit Juices
✓ Mill Flour or Coffee beans & more
✓ Convenient flip open lid so you can boost and go
✓ Full 2 Year Warranty on Motor & Parts


BioChef NutriBoost System

Making your route to health simple

  • Getting your intake of recommended nutrients is a whole lot easier with the new BioChef NutriBoost personal blender. The secret is in NutriBoost’s simple extraction method which is aided by its huge 900w motor and strengthened stainless steel blades which pulverize stems, seeds and whole foods leaving nothing but the whole fruit or vegetable ready to consume either right away or whist you are on the move.


Powerful High Torque Motor

With a warranty to give you confidence

  • BioChef NutriBoost Bullet Blender
  • The BioChef NutriBoost features extremely powerful 900w motor which makes light work of items ranging from ice to wheatgrass. Designed with longevity in mind the 1.2 horse power motor spins at over 23,000 times per minute blending its contents to a fine consistency each and every time. It comes with a 2 year warranty from top to bottom creating confidence that the BioChef NutriBoost provides not only superb nutrition but also great value in a market that often creates confusion.


Why do I need a NutriBoost personal blender?

We swear you get the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit.

  • BioChef NutriBoost Personal Blender
  • Here in the UK we love space, however most of us haven’t got kitchens the size of a small sports field, so one thing that hits us instantly is the NutriBoost’s compact size taking up hardly any space on your kitchen counter. It’s also easy to transport, so you can take it with you if you are travelling or away for a few days. There is also no mess whilst it’s in use, plus it’s easy to clean taking less than 20 seconds before you are ready to go again. We find that it’s really easy to use, no real thought goes into its operation, your drink is ready within a few simple actions saving you time and energy whist giving you a great blast of nutrients and vitamins.


Included with the BioChef NutriBoost Bullet Blender

The complete 12 piece set!

  • BioChef NutriBoost Bullet Blender
  • - 1 x Power Motor Base
    - 1 x 900ml Jug
    - 2 x 700ml Jugs
    - 1 x 500ml Jug
    - 2 x Cup Covers
    - 2 x Cross Blades
    - 1 x Drinking Lid
    - 1 x Handle
    - Instruction Manual & Recipe Book

  • "Around 12 months ago, my team and I were discussing how we make things simple for our customers who are living in a world that demands simplicity. BioChef was created with the customer in mind, it’s all about preference for us, “What does the customer prefer?” Is a question we ask at the end of every meeting. Before we decided to launch our BioChef NutriBoost personal blender we all agreed it must hit some key criteria, quality is second to none, ability is up there with the best and finally that the overall value must be unbeatable. So it took us a little while but now we are offering the only personal blender on the market with 4 separate jugs, a 900w motor and a 2 year warranty all combined with a few other little extras that makes this 12 piece set so competitive."

  • - Vitality 4 Life CEO and founder, Roger Akins


Additional Information

Brands BioChef
Model Number BCNB
UPC 9341061007548
RPM 23,000 RPM
Colors Available White
Included Accessories Instruction Manual & Recipe Book, 1 x 900ml Jug, 2 x 700ml Jugs, 1 x 500ml Jug, 2 x Cup Covers, 2 x Cross Blades, 1 x Drinking Lid, 1 x Handle
Domestic Warranty 2 Years
Product Weight 2.8 kg
Shipping Weight 4.5 kg
Product Dimensions L 14cm x W 14cm x H 37.5cm (with largest jug attached)
Shipping Dimensions L 35.5cm x W 20.5cm x H 41cm
Wattage 900w
Voltage 220-240V
Certified CE Certified
Materials BPA Free Tritan Jugs/Cups, Stainless Steel Blades & White Plastic Outer Casing