Gifts for Dog Owners

Gifts for Dog Owners

Young girl laying on the floor smiling at her husky puppy.

Dogs are known to be man's best friend. Those who love their furry, four-legged friend, pay attention to the health of their pets, to ensure that they have a long and joyful life. This starts with a healthy diet.

Food Dehydrator for Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

Dried meat, or beef jerky, in a bowl on top of a wooden table.

High-quality food is incredibly important for a dog-friendly diet. Many pet owners prefer to prepare their pets' food themselves instead of buying instant products. A Food Dehydrator can be used to prepare special treats, such as homemade dried meat which is free from preservatives and other harmful substances. What’s more, you can decide for yourself which types of meat you want to dehydrate and how big you want the treats to be! With fresh meat or offal from the butcher or local farm you can make healthy snacks for your four-legged friends quickly and inexpensively.

With the right recipe book, this can be a lot of fun. And of course, dog owners can also make delicious bites from dried fruit for themselves with a dehydrator. It’s a win-win!

Vacuum Sealers for Dog Food Storage

Preserve fresh food with Vitality 4 Life's Vacuum Sealers

The purchase of a Vacuum Sealer is worthwhile for dog owners who rely on BARF, i.e. raw food feeding instead of standard shop-bought dog food. In this case, a vacuum sealer is a practical gift idea. It makes preparation and portioning a lot easier for dog lovers who care about the health of their four-legged friend, but simply do not have time to make fresh, healthy single-serve rations every day.

Cosy and Chic Dog Beds

A french bulldog relaxing on his comfy dog bed.

The well-being of an animal isn’t only associated with healthy food. A cosy cuddly bed or a warm dog blanket ensures that dogs feel good and sleep well. However these tend to fall apart quickly due to overuse, so it’s recommended that you invest in a robust option, even if the cost is a little higher. Another particularly practical gift idea would be a protective blanket for car travel. Any dog owner will be glad to have one of those!

Organic Dog Care Products

A dog's paw. Ideas to protect your pets' health and body.

You should also think about skin or body care products for your dog, especially during the winter time. A paw balm protects against the cold, icy streets in the colder months, but if you live in warmer climates, a balm or cream with SPF is also a great idea! Organic products for fur care or for cleaning your pet's teeth are also very popular. A shiny and well-groomed coat as well as clean and healthy teeth contribute a lot to a dog’s well-being.

Coupon for Dog Sitting

Young girl cuddling her small sausage dog.

If you would like to give a dog owner a special treat, why not give them a coupon for a dog sitter or walker. The dog owner can then plan a few hours of relaxed and quiet leisure time or a weekend trip away without their pet.

If you want to treat your friend’s pet, any of these small gifts are ideal to give at Christmas.

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