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  1. 5 Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

    5 Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

    In this article we offer 5 simple and easy to make detox juice recipes to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These cold-press juices have all the necessary vitamins and nutrients you need to boost your energy and leave you feel revitalised throughout your day.

    Juice Recipes to Lose Weight

    The most important advice we can give when it comes to juicing, especially if weight loss is your desired goal, is to juice your vegetables and eat your fruit. Fruit naturally contains the sugar fructose, so drinking lots of fruity juices will increase your blood sugar levels.

    Before you get going, be sure to read the following article outlining

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  2. 4 Gorgeous Healthy Dessert Recipes: Using your Juicer or Blender

    4 Gorgeous Healthy Dessert Recipes: Using your Juicer or Blender

    Who can resist dessert?? It truly is one of the greatest things ever created… BUT …all that sugar and all those calories are so bad for us! Sugar is addictive, it contributes to obesity, it can lead to insulin resistance which can then lead to diabetes and a whole range of other health issues. That’s why we have come up with these delicious healthy dessert recipes, to satisfy your sweet tooth without all the nasty stuff using your food blender or juicer.

    Dessert is always the answer, it doesn't matter what the question is.

    Banana Coconut Sorbet Recipe

    Banana Sorbet

    • 4 bananas (frozen and thawed a little)
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  3. Juice Recipes for Healthy Skin

    Juice Recipes for Healthy Skin

    Good skin is created from within and what you put inside your body is far more important than what you slap on the outside. The most expensive skincare or beauty product in the world can not repair or restore the damage done by poor nutrition and diet. Our skin is the first place it will show, it will look sluggish, lack an overall glow and you may get a dreaded outbreak of spots! All due to excess junk food consumption and sugar laden beverages.

    Fruits and vegetables are a great way to detoxify the system and provide those essential vitamins and minerals that your skin is screaming out for. And it’s easy to do with a cold press juicer.

    Try these beautifying juice recipes to brighten and hydrate your skin.

    Juice Recipes for Healthy Skin

    Clear Up Cheer Up

    • 2 carrots
    • 1 handful of spinach
    • 1/2 apple
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  4. Boost Your Immune System With Juice

    Boost Your Immune System With Juice

    The first signs of a cold are starting to come on, you know the ones, sore throat, runny nose, possibly a fever….you need to get a cold pressed juice into you, pronto!
    What was it that the famous Hippocrates once said? “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” - never a truer word has been spoken.

    Fruits and vegetables are a great way of adding the vitamins, nutrients and minerals needed in your diet to achieve optimal health, however most people find it difficult to consume the amount that you need to keep your immune system firing on all cylinders, but modern juicers allow you to up your daily intake in a manageable way.

    Give the below juice recipes a go to keep your immune system in tip top shape.

    Juice Recipes for Immunity:

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