DEMO Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass & Vegetable Juicer BL-30


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Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass & Vegetable Juicer BL-30 - This quality stainless steel manual wheatgrass juicer comes with three attachments for general juicing, wheatgrass and also for mincing (nut butters, frozen fruit ice creams). Wheatgrass juice is nature's great healer and just 30mls of freshly squeezed juice contains as much nutritional value as approximately one kilo of fresh green vegetables in vitamin, mineral and amino acid content.
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This product has received the Vitality 4 Life Certified Refurbished Tick, meaning it has passed our strict quality assureance standards and has been refurbished and serviced by a certified technician

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Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass and Vegetable Juicer BL-30

A high quality hand operated juicer perfect for home or away

This juicer was the original juicer for health enthusiasts wanting to juice grasses and medicinal herbs. Tough and well crafted from stainless steel, it comes with 3 screens to get the most out of different produce.

The BL-30 can extract juice from hard vegetables through to softer fruits, berries, grasses, herbs and also makes nut and seed butters. This juicer would be ideal if you are travelling, on restricted power supply, have limited kitchen / preparation space or simply want to concentrate on making green juicers or nut butters.


  • Quality - Polished Stainless Steel which is acid, alkaline and rust resistant.
  • Versatile - Juice hard to very soft produce, extract juice from wheatgrass grasses, medicinal herbs, puree and homogenise.
  • Sturdy - The juicer clamps to your tabletop with rubber padding that protects the surface and enhances stability.
  • Popular - The BL-30 is used commercially in a number of organic shops, juice bars and cafes.
  • Cleaning - Easily screws apart and can be quickly rinsed under running water.
  • Juicing Screens- The juicer comes with three screens 
    • Fine Juicing screen - Juice harder fruits and vegetables like carrots, ginger, and celery
    • Coarse Juicing screen - Juice soft fruits such as pineapple and watermelon
    • Blank Juicing screen - Homogenise or puree, make nut and seed butters, fruit ice creams, and mince produce

Green juices

Wheatgrass and medicinal herbs are powerful and packed with nutrition although, due to their stringy nature can only be juiced in specifically designed juicers. Centrifugal juicers simply cannot process them. These manual expeller press juicers have been used for more than 60 years as a way of making a green juice.

Berry juices

A common antioxidant found in berries, and especially blueberries and blackberries, are anthocyanins which research shows can protect our artery walls from oxidative damage and free radicals. Berries can be purchased quite cheaply when in season and can be grown in the backyard or on the balcony. If you have an excess supply, freeze them and then juice them at a later time. This juice is able to handle these more delicate fruits. 


You can feed meat or cooked vegetables through the machine with the mincing screen in place to produce a smooth product.

Additional Information

Brands Vitality 4 Life
Model Number BL-30
UPC 9341061001997
Extraction Type Manual Juicer
Colors Available Stainless Steel
Warranty 10 Years
Product Weight 2.7 kg
Shipping Weight 3 kg
Product Dimensions L 20cm x H 29cm x D 9cm
Shipping Dimensions L 30cm x H 13cm x D 21cm
Materials Stainless Steel
Extra Features Doubles as a Meat Mincer or Meat Grinder!
Compatible Foods Vegetables, Wheatgrass, Leafy Greens & Raw Meat