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Why would I have Large Air Fry Ovens?

Air Fry Ovens have revolutionised the kitchen by providing a quick and convenient alternative to a normal oven. While an Air fryer is a ‘normal’ oven, it has so many more advantages due to the super convection abilities. Vitality4life is an industrial leader in selling air fry ovens. Perfect for the new way forward of alternative accommodation.

Since the pandemic came into our lives, we have seen a move away from the cities to the country. With this has bought on the tiny home movement, including garden outhouses, cottages, tiny houses and office space cabins.

Largest 25 litre capacity

More common Air Fryers you buy from John lewis, Aldi and Currys typically have around 7 litre capacity or less. They have a large motor on top and a removable basket. The BioChef Air Fryer has 4 optimised rack height positions.

The internal oven space is 365mm width, 224 high and 300 deep so this is a super decent sized to cook whole roasts, trays of vegetables, pizza and so much more. With the BioChef Air Fryer, you can cook on different levels simultaneously. A chicken can be juicily roasting on one shelf, while your vegetables can be crisping on the lower shelf.

Energy Efficient Air Fry Ovens

The average wattage of a free standing or inbuilt oven is between 2000 and 5000 watts, and the entire oven cavity area needs to heat up and come to temperature. Rarely do we used the entire area of the oven. In fact, it is impossible to do so.

Convenient and quick

As the air and heating elements is so concentrated, it heats up in no time at all. Straight from the freezer or the fridge into the oven in no time. As a rough guide, to convert traditional oven recipes, reduce temperatures by 10° and cooking time by 20 percent.

It has 6 operating tubes for maximum heat and convection.

The BioChef Air Fryer with 25 litre capacity which means it will quickly reach temperature and you can utilise most of the interior of the oven.

Twelve pre-set function for ease of use and trouble-free cooking


The AIR FRY function combines intense heat and maximized airflow to cook foods crispy and brown.


The ROAST function is ideal for cooking a variety of meats and poultry. Food will be tender and juicy on the inside and roasted to perfection on the outside.


The BAKE function uses high speed Super Convection to cook food evenly throughout. This function is ideal for baking cakes, muffins, brownies and pastries.

The BAKE function is also ideal for cooking pre-packaged frozen meals such as lasagna and pot pies.


The TOAST function browns and crisps the outside of your bread while keeping the inside soft and moist. This function is also ideal for English muffins and frozen waffles.


The GRILL function is ideal for cooking open- faced sandwiches, thin cuts of meat, poultry and fish, sausages and vegetables.


The SLOW COOK function has a cooking profile designed for long cook times and is similar to a high slow cook setting on a traditional slow cooker


The PIZZA function uses high speed super convection to melt and brown cheese and toppings, while crisping up the pizza crust.


The DEHYDRATE function combines low and stable heat to evenly dry out foods without cooking or overheating.


The WARM function maintains hot foods at the recommended temperature to prevent bacterial growth, 70°C or above.


The CRUMPET function directs heat from the top elements to brown and crisp one side more than the other. The top of the crumpet can be placed facing up or down, depending on what side you prefer to be more crisped.


The REHEAT function is ideal for gently reheating leftovers without browning or drying them out.


The PROOF function is designed to precisely hold low temperatures, providing an ideal environment for proofing bread, rolls, pizza and other doughs.

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