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    BioChef Apollo Vacuum Blender
    £374.00 £535.00
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  2. BioChef Aurora Vacuum Blender & Soup Maker White with Glass Jug
    BioChef Aurora Vacuum Blender & Soup Maker
    £244.00 £349.00
    Save 30%
  3. Vacuum blenders
    BioChef Astro Vacuum Blender
    £129.50 £259.00
    50% OFF
  4. biochef living food vacuum blender white
    BioChef Living Food Vacuum Blender
    £299.00 £399.00
    £100 OFF
  5. BioChef Vakuum Trinkflasche 3er Pack
    BioChef Vacuum Tumbler
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What Is A Vacuum Blender?


A Vacuum Blender removes the air from the blender jug prior to blending your ingredients, minimizing oxidation.

Due to the high speeds which most blenders operate at, oxidation naturally occurs as the blades whisk air into the ingredients you are blending. Oxidation is responsible for the loss of nutrients and deterioration of colour and taste in your smoothie which begins to appear shortly after blending if the smoothie is not consumed right away.

Some Vacuum Blenders have separate vacuum pumps that can be attached to the top of the blender jug to suck out the air, while others have a vacuum pump built into the blender itself.



Vacuum Blending Benefits

Vacuum blenders are purposefully designed to maximise nutrition and preserve the flavour in blended ingredients by eliminating the damage caused by oxidation. Just as cold press juicing ensures that the living juice retains all the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes in the food, removing the air from your blender jug leads to smoothies that are brighter in colour, have a smoother consistency, and stay tasting fresh for longer.



Best Vacuum Blender

Our team of health specialists have tested dozens of Vacuum Blenders and found that many Vacuum Blenders tend not to be as effective at breaking down ingredients as traditional kitchen blenders. The results have been poor, motor power is weakened and the blending capabilities are limited. We are so pleased that we can offer our favourite Living Food Blender with Vacuum Blending Accessory to offer the same power, functionality and speed as the Living Food Blender, plus all the benefits of Vacuum Blending!



Vacuum Blender vs Slow Juicer

Both vacuum blending and slow juicing are beneficial for your health and Vitality 4 Life offer a wide range of blenders and slow juicers with a variety of features. Slow juicing helps to break down the valuable nutrients in foods, discarding the fibre (pulp) so that our body can absorb them quicker and easier. When blending, the whole fruit or vegetable is used which retains the fibre. For this reason, blended food such as smoothies tend to be more filling than juices because the fibre fills the stomach much more and takes longer to break down, a “slow burner” so to speak. Cold pressed juices are likened to a “nutrient-express” as they are quickly absorbed by the body.

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