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DEMO BioChef Mycook 'All in One' Kitchen Machine


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  • Excellent for the home, cafe or professional environment.

  • Precision scales incorporated so all ingredients precisely measured, no wastage.

  • 15 different functions including induction cooking, steaming, frying, grinding, mincing, shredding, emulsifying, whipping, gentle mixing, beating, kneading, blending and turbo.

  • Energy saving Induction Technology for quicker heating and cooling from 40ºC to 120ºC.

  • Extensive recipe book with hundreds of step by step guides for perfect meals every time.

  • Intuitive, easy to control LED display heating and speed settings.

  • Designed and individually tested in Spain.

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Refurbished Products: Certified by Vitality 4 Life

This product has received the Vitality 4 Life Certified Refurbished Tick, meaning it has passed our strict quality assureance standards and has been refurbished and serviced by a certified technician

Each "demo" product has only been used a very minimal amount of times by Vitality 4 Life staff for demonstration purposes. All demo products come with full warranty - a testament to the quality of our demo products.


BioChef Mycook 'All in One' Kitchen Machine

Performs more than 15 kitchen tasks

  • In a time when we are becoming more conscious of additives, food miles, freshness and food conservation, the BioChef Mycook is a part of the good food revolution. From milling your own grains, making nut milks, smoothies, steam cooking on three levels to complex recipe combinations, the BioChef Mycook lets you have control over the food you consume.
    The BioChef Mycook is a revolutionary all in one healthy kitchen appliance with cutting edge induction technology, built in on-board scales, LED display and controls and much more. The BioChef Mycook performs 15 kitchen tasks from simple chopping and grinding of raw ingredients to complex gourmet recipes.
    The beauty of BioChef Mycook is you can create healthy meals (and some delicious treats) in this one appliance following the step by step instructions in the included recipe book.
    What sets Mycook apart is the patented induction cooking technology. While this technology has been around for some time, it has yet to commonly used in the kitchen due to it’s cost.
    Induction cooking means the Mycook jar, in this case, is heated on the base and the sides of jar, by electromagnetic induction. This immediate heating method is faster, more energy efficient, is immediately responsive to temperature adjustments and cools quickly.
    The temperature ranges from 40ºC to 120ºC.
    This type of cooking seals in the flavours and meals can be prepared quicker than ever before.

All-In-One Induction Cooker and Food Processor

From advanced induction heating to simple chopping

  • The more you use Mycook, the more uses you will find including sauteing, steaming, grinding, mincing, shredding, emulsifying, whipping, gentle mixing, beating, kneading, turbo and blending.
    Hundreds of recipes are included in the comprehensive recipe book so you will never be left without meal ideas. Our professional Mycook chefs and our community of home kitchen BioChefs have been coming up with even more healthy recipes.

Unique Induction Technology

Quick, efficient and energy efficient

  • BioChef Mycook Parts
  • The BioChef Mycook is the only multi function cooker that cooks with induction heating. Unlike thermal cookers where the ‘air’ is heated, induction cooking creates a heating environment which is reactive, quick and effective. The consistent heat and energy efficiency is due to having two motors, one to control the heating and one to control the speed of the blades.

Patented Built In Scales

Precision measuring inside the jar

  • Mycook features the onboard electronic scale which sets the weight back to zero after the addition of each ingredient. You won’t ever waste ingredients again.

Stainless Steel Blades

Intelligently designed and reversible

  • BioChef Mycook Blades
  • The design of the blades serves makes it multi-purpose, unlike other similar units where different types of blades need to be changed mid cooking process. Precision engineered to sit close to the base and the rising centre, perhaps the most important feature is that they are reversible. This is why Mycook can make delicate sauces, perfect risottos and carry through that full bodied flavour where the food elements have been combined to create a delectable dish.
    If required for cleaning purposes, the blades are easily detached and this clever design has received a patent.

Stainless Steel Jar

Triple walled jar with safety features

  • BioChef Mycook Jug
  • The 2 litre triple walled stainless steel jar incorporates a thick grip handle for easy use and a rubber lid which activates the built in safety sensors.
    The jar is positioned above the scales and ingredients are poured directly into jar. The jar easily transforms into a three level steamer with the trays safely locking into place.

Clear and Intuitive LED Control Panel

Easy to see and use

  • LED display for concise control over time, speed and functions. The scales will display results here so you can easily what quantity of ingredients you need to add. You can also choose the desired temperature from 40ºC to 120ºC. Preset combinations of heat and speed are selected here, as well as turbo, kneading and sautéing.

Steaming Trays

Securely locks on for 3 levels of healthy steaming

  • BioChef Mycook Steaming Trays
  • These trays securely lock onto the jar so there is no risk on being knocked off. When using the jar, rubber tray and basket, you can steam cook a meal combination on three levels.
    This is perfect for delicate steaming of seafood, vegetables, omelettes, meat and keeping cooked ingredients warm.

Dishwasher Safe

Can't get an easier...

  • All detachable parts of BioChef Mycook are dishwasher safe, except for the blades which contain ball bearings. Or try a few drops of dishwashing liquid and water on turbo function.

Additional Information

Brands BioChef
Size N/A
Model Number BCMC
UPC 9341061005513
Colors Available Grey
Included Accessories Basket Strainer, Mixing Paddle, Spatula, Steam Tray and Recipe Book
Warranty 3 Years
Product Weight 5 kg
Shipping Weight 7 kg
Product Dimensions L 30cm x H 42cm x D 26cm
Shipping Dimensions H 43.3cm x W 37.7cm x D 56.7cm
Wattage 600w blade motor 1000w heating motor
Voltage 240v
Materials Stainless Steel
Extra Features Max Capacity Jug: 2L Max Weight per Weighing: 2kg Mas accumulated weight 5kg Temperature range 40° - 120°