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Vegebox™ - A & B Nutrient Solution - 60ml Set


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✓ Nutrient Solution A and B
✓ Use in our NEW VegeBox indoor hydroponic garden range
✓ Contains all the elements you need for nutrient rich plants – no need for fertiliser!
✓ 60ml each


Vegebox™ Nutrients

Nurturing your food as it grows

  • For the best yield using your VegeBox Indoor Hydroponic Garden you need to add nutrients to the water. Our VegeBox nutrient solution comes in packs of A and B formulations specifically for use with tap water and inert mediums.
    Remember not to mix the nutrient solutions together, you mix each with water and add separately. This is due to elemental incompatibility between calcium and some other elements. Keeping them separate will provide a healthy growing system for your plants and a longer shelf life for your products. (See Vegebox manual or video below for instructions.)


Nutrient Solution A contains:

  • - Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
    - Potassium nitrate
    - Iron


Nutrient Solution B contains:

  • - Potassium nitrate
    - Potassium dihydrogen phosphate
    - Potassium sulphate
    - Magnesium sulphate
    - Manganese sulfate
    - Zinc Sulphate
    - Boric acid
    - Copper sulphate
    - Disodium molybdate


Additional Information

Brands VegeBox
Model Number VEGENS60
UPC 9341061014294
Product Weight 150gm
Shipping Weight 150gm
Product Dimensions 85mm x 43mm x 193mm
Shipping Dimensions 85mm x 43mm x 193mm
Parts Materials 2 pieces, Nutrients A and B