2800 Waterlovers Water Distiller FAQs

2800 Waterlovers Water Distiller FAQs

How does the 2800 Waterlovers Water Distiller purify water?

The boiling reservoir is filled with contaminated water or general tap water and is then locked into place and with a touch of a button it starts. At boiling point the water evaporates into steam and travels through the stainless steel coils where the steam is cooled and converted back into liquid form. During this process harmful contaminants are left behind in the boiling reservoir, and pure water passes through the activated coconut charcoal filter as it drips into the glass collection jug. You can drink this water straight away (cooled with distilled water ice cubes) or place the jug into your fridge. Or have plenty distilled water available and have an extra glass jug.

Does the water come into contact with any plastics?

No, from the 304 Stainless Steel boiling reservoir the water travels through Stainless Steel coil piping and Activated Coconut Charcoal before collecting into the laboratory grade thermal-shock resistant glass made from Borosilicate.

Will the 2800 Waterlovers Water Distiller remove fluoride?

Yes, distilling water is one of the most effective ways if not the most in removing fluoride from tap water. Results of 99-100% removal of chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, lead, arsenic, heavy metals and bacteria is expected and common.

How much electricity does it use?

The 2800 Waterlovers Water Distiller’s Smart technology allows the machine to save energy with its initial rapid boil to quickly bring the water temperature to a boil within a few minutes. After boiling point, the distiller operates at variable power range of 500w-750w which is determined by the current room temperate. Our Smart technology detects room temperature and will adjust its power use to conserve energy use. For warmer environments the distiller will run around 500-550w for 3 hours.

What does the carbon filter do and how often do i need to replace it?

The carbon filter is made from Activate coconut charcoal which is effective in removing harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). The most common VOC is chlorine which is often used to treat town and city water sources. We recommend replacing the filter approximately once a month based on daily use.

Are the materials used safe and BPA-free?

Yes. Our collection jug is made from high grade borosilicate glass, the same type as your durable Pyrex cookware. The inside of the boiling reservoir is made from food grade 304 Stainless Steel, including the underside of the reservoir lid. The condenser tube where steam travels is made from food grade 304 Stainless Steel. Once liquid exits the end point it contacts the Activated Coconut Carbon Filter which is housed within a Stainless Steel tray inside the main slide-out filter tray. Once the water has passed through the filter it collects within the glass jug.

How often do you clean inside the boiling chamber?

The reservoir is stainless steel and can easily be rinsed and gently wiped with a non abrasive cloth or sponge after each cycle. After weeks of use some build up of scale and contaminants will occur, this will may slightly affect the quality of water produced. We recommend using our Distiller Cleaner which is an environmentally friendly citric acid solution, once every few weeks for a complete clean.

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