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Personal Blenders: versatile, compact and easy-to-use

The unstoppable rise of healthier living continues to drive the trend for smoothies and smoothie bowls, which have become a daily staple for many healthy foodies across the UK in recent years. Personal Blenders are therefore also becoming increasingly popular. But, are they just for the health-conscious? And, what else can you make other than smoothies? There is so much more that these nifty appliances can whizz up in a matter of minutes. Below we give you all the advice you need to know which model is the right one for you, and tips on how to get the most use out of it.

Fresh green smoothie made with Vitality 4 Life Personal Blender

Advantages of using a Personal Blender

Using a personal blender allows you to pack fibre and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, amongst other food types, into a liquid meal or snack. They are fast, easy-to-use and can often be a cheaper alternative to shop-bought products, which can contain more added sugar and preservatives than is desired. Ultimately, using a blender at home gives you full control of exactly what is going into your food.

Other advantages include:

  • Compact in size
  • Zero food waste
  • Allows you to create different flavour combinations, using what you have at home
  • Easy to clean (instructions further below)
  • Preparation of high quality food
  • Longer lifespan, compared to traditional blenders and processors
  • Better flavour experience thanks to the release of important nutrients

Personal blenders are mostly used for single-serve purposes, so if you are looking for something that can cope with larger quantities, the BioChef Living Food Blender and the BioChef Nova Blender are both great options.

Top Tip

Did you know that you can also make compost for your garden? This is a great alternative for those who don’t have the space for a bin or can’t stomach the smell. Simply throw any food scraps and leftovers into your blender, add water and blend until you have a smooth paste. Follow our simple cleaning instructions further below after the process.

What can you prepare with a Personal Blender?

Many get into the habit of only using their blender for morning smoothies, and...they are simply missing out! A personal blender is able to beat, crush, grind and chop, allowing you to make anything from soups to spreads, sorbets and cocktails.

They can also grind coffee beans, seeds, nuts and spices, such as peppercorns, nutmeg, cloves and many more. The possibilities are endless. And the best part of it all? It produces zero waste and delivers nutrient-rich fully flavoured food.

Variety of recipes you can make with a Vitality 4 Life Personal Blender

To give you more inspiration, here are some ideas on what else you can prepare with a personal blender:

  • homemade baby food
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salad dressings
  • Pesto
  • Dips and sauces
  • Whipped cream
  • Pancake and cake mix
  • Cauliflower rice

For those with a sweet tooth, these four healthy dessert recipes can be easily prepared in your BioChef Galaxy blender and enjoyed as a lighter treat.

Top Tip

If you love green shakes and have a special interest in processing wild herbs and vegetables rich in fibre, make sure you choose a high-powered blender. Otherwise, the fibres of these vegetables could get stuck in the blades, preventing the extraction of all possible flavour and nutrients, and leaving you with a shake that’s not very appealing.

Things to consider before buying a personal blender

With so many models to choose from, selecting a blender can be a confusing task. But, there are several basic factors that should help you decide which one is right for you. Among them are:

Size and weight:

Mainly its height since this will influence where you can place it in your kitchen. The weight will only really affect you if you plan to use it as a portable blender during your travels or for the office.

Power in watts and RPM:

The BioChef NutriBoost bullet blender with a 900W motor is perfect for basic blending. Whereas the high-performance BioChef Galaxy model has a 1000W motor, designed for heavier-duty recipes.


Silent kitchen appliances are the most sought-after. Bear in mind that blending hard fruits or crushing ice, for example, will increase the noise no matter what blender you use. You can buy underlay pads and place them underneath the blender to minimise loudness.

The material:

Blenders are manufactured with plastic, glass and stainless steel, each with its pros and cons. Our personal blenders are made out of durable, BPA-free materials for safer storage. Many parents use them as a baby food blender as it gives them peace of mind that no harmful toxins will leak into the food.

Price and guarantee:

Depending on what you will be using your personal blender for, there is a large selection of models available to suit your needs and budget. At Vitality 4 Life, we are dedicated to delivering the best quality products at affordable, competitive prices. For more information, visit our Product and Price Guarantee page, here.

Top Tip

Whether you want to create simple smoothie recipes or crush ice, you’re going to want one that’s powerful enough to do the job. Blenders vary in power, plus the variety and quality of functions and components also differ between models. Think about how you want to use it, and you’ll have better success in picking one that meets your needs.

Using your Personal Blender correctly

Step by step instructions using the Biochef NutriBoost Bullet Blender

  1. Fill the blender glass with the desired ingredients
  2. Place the blade you will be using on the glass, press down and twist, screwing the blade on until it is securely attached
  3. Assemble the glass with the blades to the power base
  4. To operate the blender, simply push the glass against the power base
    1. Operate the blender in short presses so that the thicker pieces go down to the blades
    2. To make a continuous shake, simply push the glass down and turn it slightly until it clicks into place
  5. After a few seconds, the process ends.
  6. And that is it. Enjoy!

Watch our how-to video below using the BioChef NutriBoost Bullet Blender.

Cleaning your personal blender

We know that those looking for a personal blender, want more than just a speedy and efficient product, they want something that is easy to clean too. Our blenders are particularly swift to clean, so there is less time scrubbing and more time enjoying!

Both the blades and the glass allow easy washing under the tap. If you want to clean thoroughly after preparing a dense shake, simply fill the container with warm water and add a drop of detergent, close it with the lid, attach it to the power base and let it run for a few seconds. Then just tip the water away.

The Vitality 4 Life BioChef range

Vitality 4 Life is the official distributor for the BioChef brand of kitchen products.

Underpinning the BioChef mission to promote a healthier lifestyle is an enthusiasm to help customers increase their consumption of raw ‘living’ foods through juice, smoothies, and other delicious recipes.

BioChef’s very own Enzyme Protection Technology (EPT) is featured in all BioChef home and kitchen appliances, preserving the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients by maintaining the optimum temperature to prevent degradation and keep food as close to its natural state as possible.

BioChef Personal Blenders

The BioChef Galaxy Blender features an extremely powerful 1000W motor for consistent results. This high-performance blender has a variable 7-speed operation and pulse function, ideal for pulverizing vegetables and fruits to make an array of delicious recipes. It comes with three different sized BPA-free jugs and a 2-year warranty.

The BioChef NutriBoost Bullet Blender is perhaps the best blender for smoothies. Featuring a powerful 900W motor, this bullet blender comes as a 12-piece set and boasts strengthened stainless steel blades. For those with little space to play with in their kitchens, this is the perfect kitchen companion, light, compact and offering a great value for money option in a market that often creates confusion.

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