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Oscar Neo DA 1000 Ultem Tough Juicer

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✓ UK’s best selling Horizontal Juicer
✓ Uses Oscars famous 3 Step Auger Crushing System
✓ Fully BPA Free 'Ultem Tough' parts inside
✓ Smart Pulp Adjustment Nozzle for extra control
✓ Creates smooth, nutrient rich, pulp free juice
✓ Extracts over 90% of Juice whilst removing the pulp
✓ Great all-rounder and perfect for leafy greens
✓ Also makes healthy Snacks with separate function
✓ 20 year warranty on motor and 10 years on parts
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The Oscar Neo DA 1000 Cold Press Juicer

A multi-function slow juicer offering health to the whole family.

  • Juice enthusiasts have been using Oscar Neo for a life time. You have found us, we are the original cold press juicer company and with the Oscar Neo you are looking at the original cold press juicer. Vitality 4 Life are proud to have been part of Oscar’s inception first bringing Oscar to Australian shores way back when, before Roger our founder arrived in the UK 10 years ago with an Oscar Neo under his arm.
    The Oscar Neo DA1000 is a beautifully designed machine that uses the world renowned 3 step Auger crushing system that has helped make Oscar Neo one of the world’s most loved Juicing brands today. By slowly chewing the produce rather than blitzing, it separates around 90% of the juice from the fibre at a speed so slow it preserves all enzymes and nutrients ready for your body to easily absorb them. It also offers a separate mincing function which turns your juicer into a machine that is able to make wonderful healthy snacks along with other things such as soups, baby foods and nut butters.


Now you can control the amount of Pulp in your juice

Including BPA Ultem plastic parts designed to last

  • Oscar Neo Juicer Strainers
  • In the Oscar Neo anything that touches your produce is FDA approved, BPA free and designed to last hence our wonderful 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. These parts work perfectly together in a 3 step system; first crushing, then squeezing produce in a similar action to a pestle and mortar which is followed by straining the juice into a collection bowl and removing the pulp out of the front.
    The Oscar Neo comes equipped with a pulp adjustment nozzle which allows you to increase or decrease the amount of pressure placed on the produce which in turn increases or decreases the amount of pulp you get.


A juicer that is built to last the test of time

You will be handing it down for generations to come

  • Oscar Neo Juicer Parts
  • With its high quality 200w AC motor moving at such a slow RPM this is one Juicer that is built to last. No parts of the machine are exposed to the elements and sealed so your lovely juice can’t get close.
    The team in our Australian head office juice each morning and still use the original Oscar Neo Juicer that Roger our founder calls Oscar #1 its performance is still as strong as its first and the juice it makes are still as full of nutrients.
    The powerful motor is encased in a sleek and durable body which is available in four striking colours - black, burgundy, white and chrome; to suit even the most stylish kitchens.


How does the Oscar Neo perform when juicing?

A fabulous all-rounder that juices greens exceptionally

  • Oscar Neo Juicer Wheatgrass
  • Whether you are juicing soft fruits, hard vegetables or leafy greens the Oscar Neo will make light work of it. Horizontal style juicers were originally designed with Wheatgrass in mind. With some clever engineering they have evolved into what we offer today. They make the perfect companion for the juicer that loves everything, whether it is Celery, Apples, Leafy greens, Beetroot or of course Wheatgrass.
    The Oscar Neo is also perfect for those looking to make Wheatgrass and other leafy shots, whilst most other juicers will require other hard produce to be added in order to actually make juice, the Oscar Neo handles leafy greens superbly on their own.


Making healthy snacks with the Oscar Neo

It’s more than just a juicer

  • Inside each Oscar Neo box is a set of attachments which allow you to turn your juicer into a healthy food processor which can create some wonderful snacks such as bread sticks or bliss balls. You can also make wonderful tasting soups, pasta, frozen desserts and even baby food.
    Simply change the screen covering the Auger from juicing to Mincing and start to creation.

Make healthy desserts with the Oscar Neo

  • Oscar Neo Ice Cream
  • Once your Neo is ready to make a frozen dessert simply place some frozen fruit down the chute along with a squirt of local honey and some fresh yogurt. This will make a beautiful tasting ice cream without the added sugar or preservatives which leave you feeling guilty after you finish it.
    Combine your favourite fruits together and experiment with different flavours, or try adding coconut milk or cream and re-freezing for ice cream without preservatives or added flavours.


Nut butters & healthy snacks

  • Oscar Neo Juicer Bliss Balls
  • Bliss balls are our personal favourite snack here at Vitality 4 Life, they are made using a combination of dried dates, figs and cashews mixed with Cacao, however that is not all that can be made in the Neo. It does a great job of crushing almonds, cashews and macadamias turning them into delicious nut butters which are easily spread and don’t contain preservatives.


Feed your baby the healthy ingredients you personally choose

  • Oscar Neo Juicer Baby Food
  • Our babies are very special to us, you have made the decision to improve your daily intake and with the Neo you can also choose what ingredients your baby or young child gets by making them their daily meals with your new machine. Using the mincing screen, simply place the cooked ingredients through the chute and it will gently puree creating a perfect meal for infants and care patients.


  • “It feels like just yesterday that I was thinking Wow, this is going to change everything and I was right. We called this juicer Neo after the ancient Greek word for young which is “Neos”. I had been experiencing what a massive difference living a healthy lifestyle had made to me my wellbeing and peace of mind and as soon as I used my Neo for the first time it was love. Using Neo has made me feel and look younger, it has given me all the daily nutrients my body needed and as I push close to what will be my 60th birthday I am delighted that the feedback we receive on this wonderful machine is exactly the same as my personal experience”
    - Vitality 4 Life CEO and founder, Roger Akins


Additional Information

Black: JU-OS-1000-UL-UK-BL
Chrome: JU-OS-1000-UL-UK-CR
Burgundy: JU-OS-1000-UL-UK-BU
White: JU-OS-1000-UL-UK-WH
Estimated Delivery 2-3 days
Brands Oscar
Product Options 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Comprehensive User Manual, Free Delivery, Free Extended Warranty, Free Return Policy, Parts & Accessories Available, Price Match Guarantee, Product Expert Available, UK Service Center
Model Number DA-1000
UPC Black: 9341061004011
Chrome: 9341061004035
Burgundy: 9341061003090
White: 9341061004059
Extraction Type Single Gear/Cold Press
Frequency 50Hz
Colors Available Black / Chrome / White / Burgundy
Included Accessories Ultem Tough Auger & Strainer, Collection Jugs, Cleaning Brush, Tamper, Mincing, Food Processing & Pasta Attachments
Domestic Warranty 20 Year Motor / 10 Year Parts
Product Weight 6.36 kg
Shipping Weight 9 kg
Product Dimensions L 26cm x H 22cm x D 18cm
Shipping Dimensions L 45cm x H 28cm x D 23cm
Wattage 200w
Voltage 230v
Certified CE certified
Materials BPA FREE Ultem Tough Polycarbonate
Extra Features Pulp Adjustment Nozzle, Sleek European Design, larger Pasta Attachments for better results
Compatible Foods Soft & Hard Fruits & Vegetables, Wheatgrass
Optional Extras Ice Crusher/Multi Slicer
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Comprehensive User Manual
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Extended Warranty
  • Free Return Policy
  • Parts & Accessories Available
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Product Expert Available
  • UK Service Center
  • vitality4life