Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Young girl in gym wear preparing a healthy snack.

Thousands have already joined the fitness revolution and are now eagerly incorporating healthy habits in to their everyday lives. This is where countless gift ideas come in handy. In addition to practical fitness equipment for at home or on the move, there are also a variety of vouchers available.

Trial Courses for New Sport Activities

Two girls working out together at the gym.

Instead of membership cards for the local gym, how about something new? Trial courses are a great gift idea. Often new hobbies emerge from trial lessons of sports or activities which you would never dream of partaking in the past. A good idea would be, for example, a voucher for a dance course, a fast-paced round of Zumba, karate or squash training. Diving and snorkelling courses are available for water enthusiasts, and kitesurfing or stand-up paddleboarding might also interest them. A voucher for a yoga or mindfulness course also ensures well-being for the mind and body.

For many, personal training is also a nice gift idea. Together with the trainer, a personalised training and diet plan is created, guaranteed to increase fitness and well-being further.

Personal Blender with To-Go Cups for Protein Shakes

Delicious green smoothie made with a BioChef Galaxy Blender.

Protein shakes are the perfect post-workout treat that, enjoyed by many fitness enthusiasts and regular gym-goers. Of course, these drinks taste best when mixed at home as you have the freedom to include your favourite ingredients. With a Personal Blender, the perfect post-workout fuel is always available on the go. Smoothies, purees and the grinding of grains, nuts and flours is also possible with a powerful Personal Blender, facilitating a healthy and fitness-oriented diet.

Training Equipment for Home Workouts

Work out at the comfort of your own home with an exercise mat.

Those who like to train at home will be happy to receive a comfortable yoga mat, as well as stretchy Resistance Bands which come in various strengths and are suitable for athletes and beginners to build strength and muscles when training. A book with exercise ideas or a foam roller to release tensions and increase mobility can be added to complete the gift.

A vibration machine is also ideal for a short but effective home workout. Powerful vibrations contract the muscles similar to normal fitness exercises, strengthening and shaping the body. It can also be used to relieve any tension build-up and improve overall posture. An ideal gift for anyone who wants to train effectively at home in a short space of time!

Water-proof Bluetooth Headphones

Young man training outdoors with a rope, wearing wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Whether jogging, walking or in the gym, water-proof Bluetooth headphones are just the right companion for a steady and relaxed running rhythm and focus during training. Water-proof headphones withstand all conditions and intensities, and because the headphones are cable-free, there are no limitations during training. Pulse and heart rate monitors, pedometers as well as functional underwear or sportswear are also suitable as Christmas gifts.

Voucher for a Sports Massage

Osteopath relieving a patient's muscle tension ontop a massage bed.

For relaxation, regeneration and prevention, fitness enthusiasts can indulge in a deep tissue massage. This type of sports massage takes into account special problems, requirements and individual local weaknesses of an athlete, intended to stimulate the tissue and relieve muscle tension resulting from intensive athletic performance. These, and other vouchers for eneficial wellness experiences, should therefore not be missing under the Christmas tree for fitness fanatics.

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