Vitality 4 Life lands juicy distribution agreement with Food Matters.

Vitality 4 Life lands juicy distribution agreement with Food Matters.

Vitality 4 Life is set to bring food for thought to its BioChef Healthy Kitchen Appliance line-up with the announcement today that the brand has signed on renowned health and nutrition influencers Food Matters as brand partner for kitchen appliances.

The Californian born team is the groundbreakers in exposing the secrets of the pharmaceuticals industry and revealers of the secrets to natural health and wellbeing. Food Matters, the 2008 documentary that brought nutrition into the spotlight presents a thesis that selective diets can play a key role in treating health conditions. Food Matters has rapidly become one of the most influential institutions in the health industry, recently launching its Food Matters TV initiative.

As part of the partnership with Vitality 4 Life, Food Matters DVD’s will be distributed globally with BioChef kitchen appliances for the brands new Living Food Kitchen range (now in retail), and will appear across marketing and retail initiatives for the brand, including advertising campaigns, distribution of Food Matters and retail marketing. The first of these campaigns will run this week, when Vitality 4 Life will exhibit their new range of BioChef products at the Canton Import and Export Fair in China.

“Vitality 4 Life are thrilled to announce its collaboration with Food Matters, a highly successful and respected brand that has its philosophy deeply aligned with those of the Vitality 4 Life values”, said Vitality 4 Life CEO, Roger Akins of the partnership.

“Food Matters is an institution that can change lives for the better and with the new range of BioChef healthy kitchen appliances, we will instill the ‘get healthy’ message in homes across the world. The BioChef Living Food Kitchen range is beautiful in design, innovative in technology and will make health easy for consumers around the world”.

“The distribution agreement will see Food Matters DVD and TV subscriptions available to customers with every BioChef Healthy Kitchen Appliance purchase. Vitality 4 Life is rapidly evolving its presence in homes and kitchen across the Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom through product innovation in our kitchen ranges that make healthy kitchen appliances easy, less complicated and of a higher quality experience”.

The agreement will also see Food Matters advertised alongside the BioChef product line-up and during product demonstrations and workshops in retail and department stores across Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Food Matters will begin appearing in the BioChef Living Food Kitchen range and can be found in-stores from May 2014. The BioChef Living Food Kitchen range comprises of a High Performance Blender, Vertical Slow Juicer and Living Food Dehydrator.