The benefits of pressing your own oil

The benefits of pressing your own oil

Using an oil press to make your own oils has many advantages, with the most important being that you know exactly what is in the oil. By pressing your own oils you are completely in control of what goes into your oil. Make pure oil with no preservatives and without alterations to the chemical structure.

There are a variety of nuts and seeds that you can extract oil from, each with their own culinary uses and nutritional values. You can use these oils to support your health and well being as well as to enhance your cooking.

Home-pressed oils vs. Store-bought oils

To reduce their intensity and create larger quantities, most oils have are diluted with vegetable oils or cheaper oils. If you take a look at the ingredients of most oils you will notice they are not 100% pure. By pressing your own oils you can create 100% pure oil without dilution.

Make only as much as you need. When pressing your own oil you can make the oil just before using it - resulting in fresh oil every time. The oil will be noticeably richer, flavoursome and fuller tasting, and as a result you will most likely use less oil than you would normally.

By consuming the oil fresh, there is little to none oxidisation therefore the nutrients and enzymes remain intact. It is worth noting that without the added preservatives, some fresh pressed monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oil will not last very long on the shelf. It is therefore best to make as much as you need without the oil turning rancid.

How does oil pressing work?

Expeller pressing is the method of extracting oil with a mechanical press rather than using a chemical extraction process.

The expeller press is a screw type machine which presses the nuts and seeds through a barrel and creates friction and pressure to compress the ingredients. The oil falls through small openings while pulp is expelled separately.

This results in a clean oil, higher in natural colours and flavours. The resulting oils are the more expensive options found in health food stores, which have most likely been extracted using this method.

What can you make with your home extracted oil?

You can use your home pressed natural nut and seed oils for frying, baking or to add flavour to a variety of foods, such as:

- Salad Dressings
- Marinades
- Cakes
- Breads
- Dips
- Pesto
- Seasoning for steamed vegetables or fish

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Nutritional benefits of cold pressed oil

Almond Vitamin E, monounsaturated
fatty acids, proteins, potassium, zinc
Hypoallergenic properties. Uses: skin cleansing, removing dark circles around eyes, relieving Eczema & Psoriasis, reducing fine lines & repair collagen, treatment of stretch marks, massaged topically for muscle relief Marinades, salad dressings, great in
smoothies due to its subtle taste
Brazil Selenium, high in Ellagic Acid & Zinc, Vitamins A & E, magnesium & thiamine. Contains ALL essential minerals Antioxidants in these nuts have the ability to support healthy thyroid function. Improves elasticity of skin & treats acne & skin dryness Strong nutty flavour. Best for: dips, salad dressings Low
Cashew Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin E Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties. Uses: supports eye health & regulates Cholesterol levels. Can be applied topically to warts or to treat scalp infections Perfect for cooking, dips & salad dressings Low
Hazelnuts High in Linoleic acid, rich in folate, Vitamin E, B-Complex vitamins & various minerals particularly copper Uses: Oily skin remedy, lubricant for shaving, natural sunscreen Hazelnut oil is luscious & fragrant. Best for: dressings & baking. Great alternative to olive oil in Pesto Medium
Hemp Seeds Omega-6 (GLA) to Omega-3 (SDA) essential fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid Gamma-linolenic acid, which eventually converts to the hormone prostaglandin PGE1 which regulates hormone balance & supports menopausal health. Great for vegetarians due to balance of Omega fatty acids Pleasant nutty
flavour. Best for: smoothies, shakes, vegetables, pasta, salads & dressings. Not for heating
Linseed / Flaxseed Alpha-linolenic acid Natural laxative, Uses: colon
cleansing, supports growth of healthy hair, skin & nails
Not for Cooking. Ideal as an addition to smoothies in small quantities Low
Macadamia High Oleic Acid, Rare antioxidants ‘squalene’ Reduces oxidative stress on the body’s fats & skin therefore helps to prevent wrinkles, age spots & increase healing rates Great replacement
for butter in baked goods. Best for: Panfrying fish, veal & flavouring cakes & slices & in salad dressings
Peanut Linoleic Acid, Resveratrol, Vitamin E Supports heart health, helps to lower cholesterol levels, cognitive health, immune support Ideal for Asian cooking, especially stir-fries Medium
Pinenut High content of polyunsaturated fatty acids – Vitamin E & F, rich source of phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt & iodine Healing ulcers & Gastritis. Use topically to ease muscular stiffness & rheumatism Lovely flavour for dips, dressings, spreads & vinaigrettes Low
Pistachio Vitamin E, Vitamin B6 Enriching hair treatment & skin
moisturizer when applied topically. Supports eye health
Ideal finishing oil for vegetables, salmon or chicken and as a dressing for salads Medium
Pumpkin Rich in Vitamin A & E, zinc, omega 6 & 6 fatty acids Anti-parasitic, Anti-inflammatory. For treatment of Arthritis & hair loss (internally & topically), supports Kidney health Beautiful finishing oil for soups, chicken & fish. Ideal as a vinaigrette or dressing. Delicious drizzled over ice cream & desserts Low
Sesame High in copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium 4.7g of protein per
ounce (great for vegetarians). Uses: Oil Pulling, relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis, assists in preventing airway spasms
Given its strong flavour, it’s best used as an additive, particularly to Asian dishes such as stir fries. It’s also an excellent addition to marinades & sauces Medium
Sunflower Linoleic acid, Vitamin E Skin moisturizer, excellent carrier oil, can be used for oil pulling With a smoke point around 225 degrees, sunflower oil is good for frying meats or deep-frying dishes such as tempura & chips High
Walnut High in polyunsaturated fats, gammatocopherol & rich in omega-3 fatty acids Improves blood circulation, lowers risk of heart disease, maintains hormone levels with rich source of phytonutrients, prevention of eczema Nutty flavour & strong fragrances, best used sparingly to add flavour to a finished dish or in a salad dressing Medium

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