8 Gift Ideas For Vegans, Raw Foodists and Health Nuts

8 Gift Ideas For Vegans, Raw Foodists and Health Nuts

Gift ideas for Christmas

You most likely have some good friends or relatives who pay great attention to their health and nutrition.

They might be vegans, who do not use any animal products, or they could follow a raw food diet that only allows foods that have not been heated above 40 degrees.

These people can be difficult to find gifts for, and you might find yourself asking them every Christmas, what they wish for.

But don't worry; this year it will be much easier to find the right gift for your loved ones.

1. For fresh, new ideas in the kitchen: recipe books

A recipe book for the whole family

Books are a timeless gift. Cookbooks, in particular, are a wonderful gift for health nuts. Both beginners and professionals appreciate suggestions for new dishes.

Great recipe books for vegans and raw foodists are available for less than £5, and e-books are even cheaper. If you want to give a book as a gift of specifically Christmas recipes, you will find a wide selection of books in your nearest bookstore or Amazon.

2. To make any day that little bit more special: specialty foods

You can delight any foodie with some speciality foods that might be more expensive or are not part of their everyday diet.

It could be a healthy snack to enjoy between meals. There are a wide variety of chocolate bars made of hemp seeds, raw cocoa and other superfoods that can sweeten the day of any vegan.

Savoury snacks, such as kale chips, can also make a perfect gift. You can even get raw agave syrup, which is a popular alternative to sugar in cooking or baking amongst vegans.

For extra nutrition in a delicious smoothie, you can add powdered superfoods, such as lucuma powder, matcha powder or chia seeds.

Most of these products can be found in health food stores and specialized online stores. Look for a vegan label to make sure that the product does not contain any animal products.

3. Always have something healthy to go: storage boxes and lunch boxes

Whether it is breakfast or lunch - health conscious people usually always have their home-made meal with them, since grabbing a quick sandwich or buying a suitable pre-packed salad from the supermarket can be difficult. Muesli bowls or food containers are therefore an ideal gift.

Storage boxes in all shapes and sizes are a useful addition to every kitchen. If you choose plastic products, make sure they are BPA-free.

Muesli cups to go, that include a spoon with an insulated milk cooler, are available from £10. Salad and food storage boxes are available from just a few pounds to £15, depending on their size and material.

4. Amazing kitchen gadgets: a spiralizer

Make creative dishes with a spiralizer

Zucchini, pumpkin or other vegetable-based spaghetti quickly became a popular dish for raw food consumers. Spiral cutters are also an indispensable kitchen utensil for people who are on a low-carb diet.

Vegetable noodles can be combined with any sauce and can be a substitute for carbs in a huge variety of creative recipes. Rest assured that your friend or relative will really impress his/her guests at their next dinner party with a sprializer.

You can find vegetable spiralizers for as cheap as a few pounds online.

5. Not only for vegans: a soy milk maker

Instead of cow milk, vegans use all kinds of cereal and nut milk to prepare their dishes.

However, cow milk substitutes are often very expensive to buy. A soy milk maker not only saves costs, but you can also be sure that it does not include any unnecessary additives or preservatives.

A real all-rounder is the soy milk maker from SoyLove. Vegans can experiment with this device to prepare a variety of milk substitutes. Not only soya, cereal and nut milk, but also soups, herbal teas and baby food can be prepared with this soy milk maker. Even tofu, a meat substitute, can be made with this device.

6. Must-have in the kitchen: a blender

Make healthy Christmas smoothies with a Vitality 4 Life blender

For vegans as well as for raw food and “health junkies”, blenders are an absolute must-have in the kitchen for chopping and grinding raw vegetables, fruits and even nuts.

To enjoy the device for a long time, you should opt for a high-power model with high-quality blades and a container made of glass or BPA-free titanium. At Vitality 4 Life all models must meet these criteria.

Blenders make it easy to live a healthier lifestyle. Green smoothies for example, which are full of nutrients, can be easily prepared with a blender. Some models even allow preparing the smoothie directly in takeaway containers so you can blend then drink your smoothie on the go!

7. For tasty, healthy snacks: a Food Dehydrator

Make healthy snacks with a Vitality 4 Life food dehydrator

A food dehydrator can be a very special gift. Not only it can dry all kinds of fruit and vegetables, but it can also prepare various snacks, like yoghurt and bread.

Drying is considered to be one of the healthiest preservation methods, and it makes it easy for health enthusiasts to experiment with healthy alternatives to some more traditional sugar filled recipes.

Because these automatic drying machines are so versatile, it will quickly become a favourite in the kitchen.

With this machine, nothing will stand in the way of preparing healthy Christmas cookies from fruits, nuts and seeds.

8. To make real energy boosters: a juicer

Make healthy juices with a Vitality 4 Life juicer

Unlike store-bought juices, their fresh, cold-pressed counterparts are real health-boosters, giving you more energy, better sleep and a stronger immune system. They are filled with vitamins and nutrients.

The selection is extensive - from juicers that can process the fruit as a whole, without cutting or peeling, (Whole Slow Juicer) to juicers for wheatgrass and other fibre-rich ingredients, to cheaper and more compact models.

All Vitality 4 Life juicers are cold press juicers that deliver significantly better quality than centrifugal juicers. A Slow Juicer also has the advantage of storing juices for up to 48 hours after preparation.

We hope that you have found some inspiration from our gift ideas. Of course, there are many more great gifts, just let your imagination run wild. How about a vegan cooking course or an annual subscription for a fruit and vegetable basket delivered to your home on a weekly or monthly basis?

If you have any questions about our gift ideas or other products, our customer service is available for you around the clock.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Vitality4Life Team