Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

When we talk about a raw food diet, we are not referring to another one of those "fad diets" that emerges with the turn of a new season. In fact, we have discovered that raw diets are not about taking drastic measures to lose weight. Instead, raw foodists are those who have taken the path to greater vitality by simply increasing the amount of fresh, plant-based living foods in their diet.

Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

What is Raw Foodism?

A raw food diet, or "raw foodism" as it is more commonly referred as, is a lifestyle that promotes eating real food in its most natural form. Raw foods are uncooked and unprocessed, they are without any of the unhealthy additives and are instead the way that Mother Nature intended.

Staple raw foods include vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains. Increasing your intake of fresh, untouched produce doesn't mean you have to eat sticks of carrots and celery every day, nor does it mean your meals have to be bland. There are so many simple yet effective ways to transition into a healthy, raw food lifestyle.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

The foundations of raw foodism date back to the 19th Century, and we can see why it has survived this long! Studies over the years have found that there is a wide range of health benefits that can be gained from this type of lifestyle, these include:

  • Maintaining a stable body weight
  • Helping a strong immune system
  • Improving digestion
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Preventing the build up of toxins in the body
  • Aiding healthy looking skin
  • Improving heart health

Raw Food Juices

Top 5 Tips to Increase Raw Foods into your Diet

We've all heard of the "21 Days" Myth. There is a common perception that 21 is the magic number for making or breaking old and new habits. Whether or not this is true, by setting small and realistic goals for yourself you are taking the necessary steps to a healthier you. A complete overhaul of your current dietary routine is not the answer, and will cause you to revert to old eating habits much sooner than if you take small steps in the transition. Who knows, a few simple changes may be the beginning of a complete raw food lifestyle!

1. Why eat it when you can slow juice it?

The goal of eating more raw foods is to get back to basics and listen to our bodies needs. Our bodies work hard to break down solid food into liquids and separate the usable fibre from the insoluable fibre. However, this process takes a lot of effort and can put added strain on our internal systems. By drinking cold-press juices, the raw food ingredients retain the living enzymes and goodness and we can obtain the nutrients our bodies naturally need.

2. Start your morning with a homemade fruit smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to increase our intake of living foods, especially in the morning as this means you will have the whole day to burn off the natural sugars. The blending process is also particularly beneficial for regulating our blood sugar levels as the good fibre is retained in whole fruit smoothies. For some added inspiration, check out our Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie Recipes.

Fruit Smoothie

3. Explore your local Farmer's Market

Not only will you get some major feel good vibes for supporting the local businesses, but you can rest assured that the produce you are receiving is chemical-free and fresh out of the ground.

4. Follow health bloggers to find new and exciting recipes

Social media can be a great tool for providing us with new ideas, recipes, cooking techniques and most importantly angles for taking that perfect Instagram shot... But seriously, we know how eating raw almonds and green salads can get boring after a while. Do your research and find different flavours and spices to incorporate with your raw fruit and vegetables.

5. Consider investing in a food dehydrator

Food dehydrators really do go hand in hand with raw eating. Dehydrators are specifically-designed tools to remove the moisture from raw food, without cooking them and destroying the vitamins and enzymes that our bodies need. Find out more about the benefits of a Food Dehydrator and how it can supplement a healthy lifestyle.


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