6 essentials for a Healthy Household

6 essentials for a Healthy Household

These are the essential tools for making your healthy home venture a success. We have included some kitchen items based on a natural food diet and general health recommendations for you and the entire family. There’s no need to be a food or fitness expert, Biochef has a full selection of affordable and easy to use items supporting you in your day-to-day health routine.


1. Increase your cooking options

A quality Blender will give you the opportunity to do so much more with even the simplest of ingredients. Blenders can prepare a large variety of foods, including desserts, dips, salsas, sauces, and soups! This allows you to try a greater range of recipes and techniques, which helps you to maintain a healthier diet. From an easy to use Compact personal Blender to an Advanced Power Blender and everything in-between, choose what is best suited for you and your wallet. Blenders range from £61 to £289 on the Biochef shelves.

2. Juice your way to 5 a day

Owning a personal Juicer is a quick solution to the five-a-day dilemma faced by busy working people. Just pop a mix of fruit and veg into your machine and you can tick that box! Boost your nutrition and save money by using your left-over fruit and veggies to create guilt free juices and more! Save even more time with Biochef Atlas Whole Juicer that allows you to juice whole ingredients without even having to chop them first! Not sure which juicer is right for you ? We´ve got the answer.

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3. Extend shelf life and save energy

For an excellent way to preserve food : try a food dehydrator ! This is a real raw food solution; you can have a variety of dried fruits, meat, veggies, herbs and fish always available at home. It is also surprisingly efficient to run a dehydrator!
Wether you want to make your own light-weight camping food or replace your store-bought
snacks, the BioChef Arizona Sol 9 Tray Food Dehydrator is perfectly adapted for home use. Bonus : it is also a fun cooking project with the kids !

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4. Say NO to additives

Make your own 100% pure Oil with the Biochef Vega Oil Press machine. You will have the freedom to choose the ingredients for your oil based on their nutritional value and your own taste. These oils can be used for Salad Dressings, Marinades, Cakes, Breads, Dips, Pesto and to season steamed vegetables. So many seeds and nuts can be turned into a healthy, pure oil rich in nutrients. Here are some examples from the long list of ingredients that can be turned into oil, just pick and choose : almond, cashew, sesame, macadamia, pistachio…and many more!

5. Improve your digestion

Moving away from lactose? In only 30 minutes, you can get over 1.5 Liters of fresh soy or nut milk with the SoyLove Premier 801. Not only are the cost savings unbelievable, you are able to control exactly what goes into food : no more preservatives, colours or flavours; just pure, natural and delicious soy or nut milk. As an alternative to Soy you will also be able to get milk out of rice, oats, cashew nuts or almonds and much more…this is perfect for those with specific taste preferences or allergies. If you are looking into making tofu, soups, baby foods or fresh tea, this all-rounder machine will also make it possible.


6.Lose weight and tone up

With our vibration machines, you will improve your body shape in no time by combining this home exercise with a healthy diet. Our machines are equipped with the latest oscillating and vibrating technology and are perfectly safe for home usage. Find out more about the benefits and start your exercise from home in max.4 days with our speedy product delivery right to your door step.

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